As E3 draws more and more near I excitedly await with hands clasped and a giddy grin plastered upon my face and I fantasize about all of the wonderful things that’ll be announced. Now, I think it’s time for me to go through everything that I’d like to see at E3 (which is easily too much but it should still be attempted anyway)! Here’s the things I need from E3 this year!


The world has already received a long-awaited announcement trailer with locations and speculations that have been hinted at (but we already knew some of the bits, like the fact that it’d be in Boston) but we–well I–want to know more and I would like it as soon as possible. ‘When can I pick it up?’ is an obvious question and will be answered in time. I need to know: Do I have to travel the wastelands with this dog? Am I playing the normal voiceless protagonist or am I playing as Troy Baker? Am I getting new weapons or am I stuck with the same weapons from Fallout 3, and New Vegas, and those that were present in the reveal trailer? And, most importantly, when does this take place in the Fallout universe? Hopefully, all these questions and more will be answered at Bethesda’s conference this Sunday.


I have been interested in this project from Ninja Theory Studios,

With a focus on what the studio calls the ‘Independent AAA model‘, Ninja Theory (Heavenly SwordDmCDisney Infinity 3.0) is setting out to redefine what it takes to make AAA games by attempting to develop and publish Hellblade all on their own with only an indie-sized team of experts. While the game itself takes on a more serious tone in telling the story of the main character, Senua, who suffers from a mental illness, I have whole-heartedly enjoyed seeing and experiencing the process as Ninja Theory has dedicated their efforts to make certain that all aspects of Hellblade‘s creation and development have been captured and shared in their ‘Development Diary‘ series and I personally can’t wait to see what Ninja Theory has in store for us!


I’ve mentioned before Fallout 4 at the Bethesda Press Conference on Sunday, but this will be Bethesda’s first ever press conference at E3 and being their first must mean that there should be plenty of announcements to go over. What else would warrant a reserving the Dolby Digital theater for a conference, let alone even showing up to E3 at all. Bethesda is best known for their series such as the aforementioned Fallout games as well as The Elder Scrolls series and their work on the acclaimed Dishonored. Whatever BethSoft has to offer this conference is sure to be impressive.


I am a HUGE fan of Square Enix, primarily the Kingdom Hearts games, but Square is most famous for their Final Fantasy series and with Final Fantasy XV due out sometime in later 2015 while Kingdom Hearts 3 remains in PR limbo for me to fret and speculate about. But with the Square press conference set to take stage June 16 at 9AM, I’ll wait in a sweat of anticipation for news of a release so I may once again take up my adventure with Sora, Donald, and Goofy, and my girl Kairi.


Tom Clancy’s The Division was first announced at Ubisoft’s E3 Press Conference back in 2013. The Division makes use of some of the most powerful of game engines as well as some of the most stunning graphic works to be found on next-gen consoles. This third-person-shooter is set in New York City after a brutal and deadly virus has swept across the nation on Black Friday, decimating the nation in only five short days. The player and his/her squad-mates (or friends as we’ve seen from the gameplay and engine demo) are soldiers who have been trained to operate independent of command when the lights go down and all hell breaks loose and do whatever it takes to prevent the fall of society, and that’s kind of all we know. We’ve an estimated release set for sometime in Q1 of 2016 and more is sure to be released when Ubisoft gives their conference on Monday June 15 at 3 PM.

Be sure to catch every moment live as E3 kicks off Sunday June 14 at 7 AM.

You can view the full E3 schedule here.

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